what do we know?

Scott Vogt can add value to a wide range of materials and coatings initiatives and impact their success through a range of services:

  • • Advisory support to research, development and commercial manufacturing
  • • Consulting to government and corporate researchers
  • • Consulting to private sector companies in sales, marketing and manufacturing

In addition, Mr. Vogt maintains strategic alliances with major, quality-driven companies to fulfill clients' needs.

Integument Technologies

Integument Technologies is a science based manufacturer of adhesive backed Fluoropolymer coatings, Halar coatings, sealers and films, abrasion resistant coatings, nonstick films, linings, pipe tapes, insulation pipe wraps, expansion joint systems, and other Fluoropolymer films, elastomeric coatings and linings. Integument also manufactures acid brick membranes, which when combined with traditional Fluoropolymer coatings and linings, serve as high-temperature coatings, abrasion resistant linings and anti-corrosion coatings for protecting industrial materials and equipment.

Committed to providing quality industrial coating services to companies worldwide, Integument is the leading industrial coating company and industrial adhesive coating manufacturer. The company’s core competencies lie in Fluoropolymer materials science, high-temperature coating systems engineering, anti-corrosion coating systems engineering, and plasma surface activation treatments.

Johns Hopkins University

The Advanced Technology Laboratory (ATL) fosters collaboration between the Whiting School of Engineering and the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), industry and mission agencies, and performs a critical role in the research and development of new technologies. The ATL effectively and efficiently addresses a wide range of engineering-oriented applied research projects by connecting industrial partners and program oriented government agencies with access to the fundamental research being done at Johns Hopkins Engineering and the APL, and by providing personnel, expertise and facilities.

Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

The Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) solves complex problems that present critical challenges to the nation. APL’s work reflects a depth of expertise that allows it to take on a surprisingly broad range of programs. APL’s client base includes most of the nation's pivotal government agencies — especially those that protect our security.

APL can contribute expertise in advanced technology; highly qualified, technically diverse teams; hands-on operational knowledge of the military and security environments; and a basic systems engineering approach. APL offers an outstanding creative staff, augmented by world-class facilities and the ability to develop effective solutions to difficult problems.

Hopkins Applied Physics Lab

Laser Technology Inc. offers a unique combination of advanced nondestructive technologies combined with considerable experience and expertise in system integration, robotics, optical systems, and fixture and tool design.

Laser Technology Inc. has been the leading manufacturer of holography and Shearography systems for more than 20 years.